virtual human

1 iPhone

1 Computer

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– Virtual anchor –

AI virtual technology has now been introduced into major media, and self-media is rapidly following up. With the promotion and strengthening of these technologies, AI virtual anchors are being widely used in various broadcast scenarios.

With the birth of a new generation of AI technology, the real people behind the scenes have been able to drive the facial expressions and body movements of the virtual anchors in front of the screen in real time. Hopefully, it will make those who have already worked in the media to embark on a more professional road.

More perfect image

Imitate your own image or create a perfect one, do whatever you want.

More professional sound

Speak by yourself, or through AI, do whatever you want.

Richer performance

Outstanding form and outstanding expressiveness make you unique and stand out from the crowd.

Live Drive – Make Live Streaming Possible

– Virtual Actor –

One person with multiple roles – making the story more vivid

AI virtual technology is now widely used in Hollywood and even in the film and television industry of various countries. Many popular characters are created by virtual technology, and many classic film and television works can be combined with reality and reality. There are also many virtual idols rising on major platforms.

The birth of a new generation of AI technology allows We-media people to create multiple lifelike characters with only one person, simple equipment and very little funding, making their stories more vivid and creating more creativity. Possibility and space.

More possibilities, explore with you…

Live selling
Enhance the brand value of the enterprise, attract and retain fans, and stimulate the final conversion.
Stimulate visitors’ interest and enthusiasm for interaction with novel and trendy images.
Answer customer questions and recommend products.
Endless possibilities

New technology will inevitably bring about new changes, and it has always brought infinite possibilities!

Only: 1 iPhone + 1 computer

What are you still hesitating about?